What Would We Do If We Had to…START OVER FROM ZERO?

I wonder…

Do you look around this group, see all the success stories, and wonder if maybe they’re special?

Do you wonder if they have…

  • more cash,
  • more skills,
  • a bigger list of prospects,
  • a better niche…

… or maybe more of EVERYTHING than you do?

Does it make you wonder whether it will work for you?

I mean some of the numbers and stories floating around this group are hard to believe.

ESPECIALLY knowing the back story of some of our most successful clients.


So that got me to thinking…

What would I do if I had to start over from scratch?

  1. No list.
  2. No cash.
  3. No product.

Nothing but hard work and commitment to build a business that would give me financial freedom, time freedom and allow me to make a major impact in the lives of others.

Turns out, we could boil it down to:

“7 Steps To Go From Zero to 6-Figures & Beyond”

Step 1 – Think From Your Goals

This might seem impractical. After all, you need to make money – now!

But here’s what I’ve discovered. If you can’t see, feel, taste and experience in your mind what it will be like when you hit your goals, you’ll never get there.

And this takes practice. Daily. You must put in the time to build a strong positive vision of your future.

NOTHING matters more than your mindset. Period.

It doesn’t matter so much HOW you do it. Or what method you use. But it DOES MATTER that you do it. Consistently.


Step 2 – Identify A Problem You Can Solve

Forget about what’s hot or trendy. What skills do you have that you could offer to another human?

Really look at all you’ve been through. All you’ve learned. And ask:

“Who is it that I could help solve a major life/business problem?”

Is it…

  • Couples on the verge of divorce?
  • A business owner who needs better employees?
  • A parent dealing with an Autistic child?
  • An executive dealing with overwhelming stress and anxiety?

Someone or something else?

Once that’s decided, move on to…

Step 3 – Create A Results Driven, High-ticket Offer

This is super simple.

There are other options but what we’ve found to be the most time efficient is to do an 8-week online course, priced between $3,000 and $15,000, with two parts:

One… nuts and bolts training. You don’t need to have the whole course done. Record each lesson as you get PAYING clients going through the course (then save the recordings for future students). Only prepare the first lesson. Do the rest AFTER step 4.

Two… live Q&A or some other form of active support. You want something that helps them get past where they might normally get stuck without support.

That’s it. As you get feedback, you can improve both.

Step 4 – Enroll Who You Can

(remember, we’re starting with ZERO. So, running paid ads are out at this point in the plan).

There are very likely millions of people with the problem you’ve decided to solve. You only need a few to get a little cash in your pocket.

This is where you’re going to need to be bold. Step out of your comfort zone. Make some calls. Send some letters. Go to a networking event. Ask a friend for an introduction.

Whatever it takes to get 3-4 clients in your program.

Then, with a little cash in your hand, you can begin to automate your sales and marketing…

Step 5 – Create A Simple 3-step Funnel

Ready to see the big fancy funnel I’d create?

Here it is:

Facebook AD > 45-minute presentation > Apply for a Call

That’s it. You can complicate it more if you want. But if I was starting over from scratch and had generated a few bucks from step 4, then this is the ONLY place I’d spend money.


Step 6 – Enroll Them On The Phone

Two reasons to enroll people on the phone and ditch the shopping cart…

One… you can screen out clients who are NOT a fit for your service (or who will be a pain to work with).

Two… you can make sure the clients you DO want to work with are committed, resourceful and coachable.

You can’t do either with a shopping cart.

Step 7 – Scale It Up

There are really only three things to worry about when scaling…

One… lead generation
Two… enrollment team
Three… delivery of your service.

Now here’s what’s critical…

You want to scale all three AT THE SAME TIME. As your lead flow increases, get better at enrolling AND get better at delivering.

If you ignore any one part to focus on the other, the whole business will eventually break. And you’ll be starting over… again.

So that’s the plan I’d use if I had to start over from ZERO…

Simple. Not easy. Because while it doesn’t have to be hard to figure out, it IS hard work.

Listen, obviously every little detail isn’t in the above.

But if you want help creating your own version of the above, we can help. But first, we have to make sure you are a fit.

So if you’re ready to “start over” and build something amazing that helps others while helping yourself, then book a call:


In just one 45 minute call we can help you get clear on who you want to serve and what problem you can solve. Then, if you want more help, we can talk about that too.

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