Top 5 Facebook Myths

I’ve heard ENOUGH! Have you?
It seems like every marketing guru on the planet is dead set on spreading MYTHS about what does and does not work on Facebook.
Don’t fall for it!

Check out these 5 MYTHS and see if they sound familiar…


Facebook Ads to a Webinar Don’t Work

There are tons of people saying you just can’t successfully run ads to a webinar.

BS! We’re doing it every day.

What’s more, so are our clients. In all kinds of niches. Yoga, business services, health, relationships… and soooo many more.

All told, we’ve got MILLIONS of dollars of proof that you can, and SHOULD, drive traffic straight from a Facebook ad to your webinar. (You do have a webinar, right?)


You Need a Huge Following

Ok. This SOUNDS right. But it’s not.

In fact, I built our business to six figures per month long before anyone knew my name.

Heck, I STILL don’t have a large following compared to most of the gurus and New York Times best-selling authors out there.

Same for most of our clients. We even have clients earning six-figures without a website or social media following. CRAZY!

So don’t fall for the “gotta be known and have a huge following” hype.

Just ain’t so… IF you’ve got the right strategy.


Expect To Lose Money First

Really!? I don’t know if people who say this are clueless or just spreading false rumors. Truth is, I think people just repeat stuff they’ve heard without even testing the facts for themselves.

We teach our clients how to make money right away. On the front end. Like clockwork.

Is it guaranteed? No. And fact is, it takes a lot of work. It requires sticking to a proven strategy. Simple. Not easy.

You see, the trouble is, the people saying you have to lose money are the same people trying to sell $7 tripwires or $47 ebooks. It IS tough to make that work. And if that’s your model, you probably SHOULD expect to lose money.

But that’s not the same as saying ALL ads that run on Facebook will lose money.

Not even close.


Give Away Your Best Stuff

Listen, if your best stuff transforms lives, you are HURTING your clients by giving it away for free.


… they won’t appreciate it,
… they won’t do the work,
… therefore, they won’t get the RESULTS they could get if they paid for your best stuff.

We’ve proven this over and over in our own business and in hundreds of our client’s businesses too.


A 3 to 1 ROI Is As Good As It Gets

This is one of my favorites. I love busting this myth. I love sharing how we’re getting $10-15 back for every dollar we spend on Facebook ads. Same for some of our clients.

It’s funny to see jaws drop. It’s hilarious when people tell me that’s not even possible. Heck, even our Facebook reps are blown away by our numbers.

Truth is, 3 to 1 ROI is good. ANYTIME you make a profit on your advertising, it’s amazing. It means you’ve done some things right.

Just don’t let anyone tell you it can’t get better than what they are doing.

So, that’s the top 5 Myths we hear over and over. Sound familiar? If so, let me share…

One more thing

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If not, no problem. Really. Not everyone is a fit. And that’s ok. Plus, even if you aren’t a fit, I promise you’ll get something amazing from the call…

… a new insight,
… clarity,
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Who knows!?

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