This Potato Cost $1 Million


Weird shit has been happening in my world lately.

One of the most legendary streets to live on in Orange County is Riviera Drive. It runs along a cliff, with nothing between your house and the beautiful Pacific Ocean.

I’m looking to buy a new house, so I’m always on Zillow.

It turns out that right now, there are two houses for RENT on Riviera. This never happens. They also happen to be right next door to each other. This ALSO never happens.

One is asking for $40,000/month. The other is asking for $150,000/month.

What’s the difference?

Not much. That’s just how the owners value their home.

Last year, two people were walking through the home of a photographer. On the wall, was a picture of a potato. They liked it and wanted to buy it. “How much?” they asked.

The photographer didn’t hesitate: “One million euros.”

They bought it immediately.

Not a sculpture. Not a painting. Not a fine piece of jewelry. A photograph of a goddamn potato.

If a picture of a potato is a million bucks, what are YOU charging to transform someone’s business? To save someone’s relationship? To write that hot piece of sales copy that triggers a million-dollar launch?

Over the past couple of years, I’ve realized that Clients on Demand isn’t about marketing…even though it is. At the deepest level, it’s about introducing you to a better version of YOURSELF.

One who knows what you’re really worth, and who has the certainty to charge accordingly.

Because when you believe it, everyone else will too.

Is value real or imaginary? Is your price too low, too high, or just right? How sure are you?