The Evergreen Strategy For Attracting Your Dream Clients

The problem that most people have when they launch their coaching or consulting business is that they work long hours, usually seeing clients one-on-one, for just “okay” money (usually around $100 or so per hour).

To make matters worse, these people are almost always burned out, with no way to escape the hell they’ve created for themselves.

Their income has hit a ceiling, and they don’t know what to do about it. On my podcast with AwakenYourAlpha, I’ll reveal to you how some of my most stuck clients used my proprietary Clients On Demand system to reclaim their life.

In this podcast you’ll discover…

  • How an coach, consultant, or infopreneur can attract more clients at premium price points, and structure your business so you have a lot more leverage!
  • The simple, step-by-step process that turns cold prospects into high ticket sales, without spending years building a blog or messing around on social media!
  • How to automate the entire process, so you can spend your valuable time working with your clients, growing your empire, or taking time off!
  • Why seeing clients 1-on-1 is not only sabotaging your income, but also limiting the results of your clients as well! (I’ll explain exactly what to do about it…)
  • The 1-minute “woo-woo free” technique that I used to manifest the business and life of my dreams. (Plus, how this technique tripled my call to close rate…)