How To Take Action Even When You Don’t Want To…

Look, as someone who coaches others, you know:

Wanting is not enough.

Hoping is not enough.

Even learning is not enough.

You understand your clients must TAKE ACTION in order to GET RESULTS.

Yet, how often do YOU find yourself stuck when it comes to marketing your business?

If you’re anything like many of the people we talk to and work with, it’s FAAAAAAR too often.

But here’s the thing…

It’s one thing to be stuck because you don’t know WHAT to do or HOW to do it. It makes sense you might get stuck then. For a little while.

But the real danger is when you DO know what to do and STILL DON’T DO IT.

That’s a recipe for disaster.

That’s how a business, and a life, gets ugly. Fast.

Stay stuck in that kind of inaction very long and, well…

You start to doubt your mission.
You start to doubt your own value.
You start to doubt your ability to move forward in ANY area of life.

Like I said, UGLY.

Trouble is, you’ve gotten into a bad habit.

A habit of NOT taking action.

And now it feels like you can’t.

If that sounds about right… GOOD NEWS!

There are 3 Simple (not always easy) Solutions To Take Action — Even When You Don’t Want To…

Solution #1


This is SO SIMPLE.

Yet, for some reason people still don’t do it.

Listen, if you’ll just notice when you’re feeling… “blah”… and then GET UP, move around, maybe go outside, exercise, even just SMILE… it’ll help. Here’s why…

It’s really hard to TAKE POSITIVE ACTION when you’re feeling negative.
Changing your physiological state allows you to FEEL better. And when you feel better, it gives you traction to START MOVING FORWARD.

Here are some of the most tried and true ways to change your emotional state:

  • Get outside – even for 5 minutes
  • Exercise – even for 5 minutes
  • Dance – like nobody’s watching
  • Listen to your FAVORITE music
  • Yell at the top of your lungs
  • Deep breathing

These are just a few of the ways you can intentionally feel better. Find what works best for you.

Then, once you change your state…

Solution #2


If you don’t know where you’re going, anywhere (or nowhere) will do.
Now that you’re in a positive state emotionally, declare:

WHAT you really want most….

… AND…

WHY you want it more than anything else right now.

If you don’t know WHAT your BIG outcome is and WHY you want it, of course you’ll never take action.

That’s just your brain being smart. Why waste energy and resources when you’re not clear on the direction your going… or why.

Clarity is power (keep reading if you want some help getting clear).
Ok… now for the HOW…

And by the way, the how is the easiest part. But it’s really hard if you’re not taking care of #1 and #2 above. REALLY hard.

Solution #3

It really boils down to two things:

One… prioritize the top actions that are going to move you toward your OUTCOME.

Two… pick the ONE that has the MOST resistance around it. And do THAT first.

I can’t tell you how much energy and excitement is generated when you knock out a task you’ve been resisting.

It feels COMPLETELY DIFFERENT than knocking out busy work tasks.
And that new energy will fuel you to knock out another tough task… and another… until suddenly, you look back and you’ve built this muscle of getting tough tasks done.

Then, it feels weird to not be moving forward.

And THAT is a very GOOD PLACE TO BE.

At this point you might be thinking I’m oversimplifying.

I get it. And, I’m not. It IS simple.

However, I understand that sometimes you need an outside perspective.
You need someone who can…

…. call you on your BS…

… give you clear “how to” instructions for what you legitimately don’t know how to do…

… keep you on track when you start veering off track

That’s EXACTLY what we do for our clients.

What we do is not JUST teach them an amazing client-getting strategy. We SUPPORT them through all the head trash that keeps them stuck… the stuff that stops them from TAKING ACTION.

That’s the REAL VALUE of what we do. THAT is what truly sets our work apart from anything else out there.

Just look around in this group and you’ll see that’s true.

The “how to” is ONE piece of the puzzle. And it’s the corner piece that’s easy to figure out. Where people get stuck is all the pieces in the middle of the puzzle that don’t seem to make sense.

We can help.


Well, it starts with a call to our team of highly trained breakthrough coaches.

In just 45 minutes, they can help you GET CLARITY ON YOUR OUTCOME unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. It’s uncanny. And amazing.
Remember, without clarity of WHAT you want and WHY you want it, the how won’t matter.

Let our team help you get clear. Then, IF you want help with the how, and IF your outcome is something we can help you achieve, THEN we can talk about that too.

But first, let’s get you CLEAR.