How to Sell More by Turning People Away

To have a successful program, it’s not just about who you DO work with. It’s about who you DON’T work with.

Sometimes that’s even more important.

Being selective will help you…

  1. Reach your income goals faster,
  2. Get better outcomes for your clients, and
  3. Increase your own freedom.

How? It’s simple. You’ll have clients who are paying a premium price of $3,000… $5,000… $10,000 or even $20,000.

Higher fees mean you need fewer clients each month. That means you can devote more time to your clients. And less time grinding out content or building 17 funnels for all your lead magnets and launches.

Instead, you spend that time doing what you really love: getting your clients kick ass results.

It’s a win all the way around.

Plus, you’ll be selling your services with integrity. Not just selling to make money. Not selling to anyone who can click an “add to cart” button. But selling to those who are actually ready to transform their lives.

In turn, your clients can pay it forward. The world will be a better place. More winning.

So, how do you create all these incredible results for you and for your clients?


  • Develop a very clear picture of who you want to work with…
  • Decide who you don’t want to work with…
  • And then stick to that like glue.

Of course, just because it’s simple, doesn’t mean it’s easy. That’s why I want to share four questions to help you say yes to the right people and no to the wrong people…

Question #1. Do I Know The Problem I Solve?

That’s right, the first question is about YOU, not the client.

This first question can be a huge roadblock. Many business owners have years, or decades, of experience. And yet they can’t clearly answer this question.

So ask yourself …

What’s the magic you have that no one else has? What’s the outcome you can provide? What makes your service special?

This matters. Because in order to get paid what you’re worth, you need massive clarity.

Plus, if you have clarity, everything else in your marketing flows more smoothly.

You’ll be clear about what problem you solve. You’ll be able to clearly explain the outcome you deliver. And the OUTCOME is what people are buying from you.

It’s an outcome they are happy to pay for. Because when they know you will help them heal their body, fix their relationship, or stop the bleeding in their business, they’ll pay whatever it takes.

And once you charge premium prices, a cascade of really good things happen. Your clients don’t screw around. They do the work. They get the results.

Just as importantly, you’ll be getting paid a rate you deserve. That matters. Because it allows you to be fully committed. You don’t have to be worried about looking for the next clients just to pay the bills or eat. So, you’re ready to go to bat for them and their needs, not worry about yourself.

Question #2. Can I Help This Person?

Next, figure out if each person is a good fit for your program. Can you work with them? Can you transform their lives? Be honest with yourself on this one. Listen to your gut. Do NOT ignore the red flags.

Here at Clients on Demand, we are selective. We don’t make an offer to work with 30% of the people we talk to. Why? Not everyone is a good fit.

Some people don’t have the right drive, the right mentality, or the right type of problem.

Don’t take them on as a client. Be nice about it, but let them know it’s not going to work.

Two things make it easier to turn people away. First, there’s integrity.

Don’t take money from people you can’t help. Instead, have integrity. This is key.

Second, it’s easier to be selective when you have a strong lead flow.

You won’t feel desperate for business. Instead, you’ll have confidence. The next deal is just around the corner.

(More about increasing your lead flow in a sec.)

Question #3. Do I Want To Help This Person?

Sometimes prospects just aren’t a good match. They have bad attitudes. They have a victim mentality, or they are disrespectful from the very start.

Why deal with that? Why let them poison your existing community?

You see, negative attitudes and habits are contagious.

So, tell these people, “Thanks but no thanks.”

Every problem I ever had with a client was when I violated this rule. I would compromise. I wanted the business.

These types of people won’t show up. They won’t put in the work. They won’t get results.

And guess who they’ll blame? You.

Decide what types of people you want in your program. Then, enforce those standards. Be fanatical if you must.

Question #4. Are They Committed?

This last question is the most important.

You can have a kick ass program. You can be willing to go through fire to make a difference. You can be ready to work.

But, at the end of the day … Nothing happens if your client doesn’t show up.

They have to be committed.

Think of yourself as a boxing coach. You teach the top strategies, latest moves, and support your person through blood, sweat, and tears.

But, when they step into the ring, it’s up to them whether they get a knockout victory. Or, end up on the mat. You can’t step in the ring for them.

Luckily, your pricing can filter out those people who aren’t ready to work. People won’t invest $3,000 – $15,000 if they aren’t serious about getting results.

Think about these four questions seriously.

Because you can sell more by turning people away. A lot more.

If things aren’t working for you then I invite you to get the support you need.

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Talk soon,
Russ Ruffino
Founder, Clients on Demand