How To Make An Extra $15k This Week

The first thing we do with a new client is an immediate push to create 5-figures in sales in the first few days. Here’s how…

1. Survey your list. Send your audience a link to a survey with ONE question: “What is the worst problem you have right now?”

Give them 4-5 choices, along with a blank spot to write their own. You can create the survey using Wufoo. Don’t have a list? Send a poll to your Facebook friends.

Don’t have Facebook friends? Browse around on Facebook for Groups that your target market would join. Join them. Browse around for Pages that your target market would Like. Like them.

Take a look at the other people who Like those Pages and belong to those Groups. Then start sending friend requests to those people. Then post the survey link to your public timeline.

2. Compile the responses. Wait 24 hours. Let the responses pile up. See what the #1 problem is.

3. Craft an elegant solution. Map out a solution to this problem. When I do this, I like to draw a map from Point A (where they are) to Point B (where they desperately want to be). Then take that map and break it up into Milestones. Here’s a simple way of doing it:

4. Create an offer that solves the problem. This can be a done-for-you solution, a live workshop…anything, really.

Avoid one-on-one mentoring. Stick to offering done-for-you services and GROUP workshops. Leverage your time intelligently. That’s what enables you to scale. Reach out for a call with us for more info on exactly how to structure your offer.

5. Give it a price based on the VALUE of achieving the result. What is it worth to your audience to have this problem solved? That is the price of your new offer.

Hint: Do not undervalue your services. It should be in the thousands somewhere. I don’t care what anyone else is charging. Position yourself from the get-go as the Rolls Royce of your industry.

I could teach an entire course on why discounting or competing on price is the fastest way to kill your business. Just trust me.

6. Use Results-in-Advance Marketing to roll this offer out. Create a short video, webinar, or article that solves part of the problem for your audience for free. Then tell them you’ll be solving the REST of the problem live on your workshop.

7. Leverage scarcity in a big way. Set a rock-solid 24-48 hour deadline, and a maximum number of people you will allow into the course. Send out continual reminders as the clock counts down.

8. Make a Hotlist. While the online process is happening, make a list of everyone you know on Facebook or in real life who has this problem and needs your help. Reach out to ALL of them individually.

Say something like, “Hey Nick, I know last time I talked to you, you were trying to achieve (result)…is that something you’re still having trouble with?” Open up the discussion about what’s not working in their business, and offer them your workshop. This is scary, but necessary.

If you put this plan in motion today, you will be wealthier at the end of this week than you are right now.

If you need additional help putting this together, just reach out.


Russ Ruffino