How to create predictable cash flow

Making money online is tough. But doing it consistently is even tougher.

There’s a tremendous temptation to chase the quick buck and generate a small wave of cash coming in.

It’s easy to get drawn in. Seduced by tactics that work once, or that create an initial ‘pop’ of cash…especially when you’re first starting out.

But they won’t create that predictable cash flow you are looking for to GROW your business.

The truth is, without predictable revenue you don’t really have a business. You have a recipe for disaster.

Why it’s so important

Running a business where you’re constantly looking for the big CASH influx means you are always in “panic mode.”

Things like launches will create an influx of cash.

You spend months and months creating the launch and it pops.

Then it dies instantly and you have to revert back to, “What do I do now to get some money coming in?”

And you have to sell thousands of people in at once.

That’s why launches have a huge refund rate.

After paying JV partners and other expenses, you keep a lot less than you make.

And you can’t provide quality support – so clients RESULTS are extremely low.

It’s not something you can build a life around.

So many business models are easy to hype up, but when you dig deep into the numbers…

It won’t really give you what you want.

People are burnt out on empty promises. They’re not willing to pay for information anymore, they want real results.

These days, if you’re not giving real, transformational results, you won’t be in business very long.

And if you have the POWER to get real results for your clients, then you have to structure your business to do that consistently.

LEADS have to come in every day…

SALES have to happen every day…

CLIENT results have to happen to every day…

How you do it

If you want your business to run like a well-oiled machine…

If you want to be able to count on bringing in $10k…$50k…$100k/month or more…every month…

And you want you to be able to take vacations, walk away, and spend time with your family with NO disruption in your income whatsoever…

In order to have that, you have to do these things in a predictable way.

  1. Mindset
  2. Action
  3. System

These add up to a business that creates a Predictable Income.


Without certainty about what’s going to happen in your business, without knowing where your next client is coming from, you’re in a constant state of scarcity.

Nothing kills sales and results more than fear.

Mindset and fear are a HUGE part of what we teach our clients in COD.


Intelligent ACTION is the most important action you need to take today to reach your goal.

COACHING keeps you in alignment and helps you identify what is the most important thing you need to do to reach your GOAL.

Most people are afraid to take the actions that will produce results.

Do you know what the MOST IMPORTANT thing for you to do is today, for tomorrow and the next day?

Do you know what the game plan is to generate predictable revenue?

Are you actually going to do it, or are you going to let fear or laziness or procrastination stop you from reaching that goal?

99.99% of people don’t and it’s fatal for your business.


We designed COD to not only give you the game plan but also give you the accountability and SUPPORT to walk the path.

COD is a predictable SYSTEM that produces:

· Leads every day

· Clients every day

· Results every day

Adds + Webinar + Phone Call = Enrollment

This is what we do. This is what we train our clients to do.

That’s ALL you need to generate a predictable income.

It’s a myth that you have to do launches.

It’s a myth that you have to become some micro-internet-celebrity.

If you can take paid advertising and turn it into new clients, you can write your own ticket. Period.

The biggest cost in your business is the money you AREN’T making.

That is the cost of not having predictable income, not having a system that works and not knowing how to deliver it.

In life, you don’t get what you deserve…You get what you will settle for.

If you settle for not having the business and the predictable income you want, that’s what’s going to happen to you.

You have to decide that you are DONE.

Decide that you are done settling for less… done with not making the income and the REVENUE you want.

Decide that you’re done settling and you want to serve the world in a BIGGER, better way, and get paid to do it.

Once you make that decision, all you need to do is structure your business to get the leads, the clients and get them amazing RESULTS.

If you need help doing that, I want to invite you to book a call to speak with us.

We will get on the phone for about 45 minutes and help you get CLARITY and make some of these choices so that YOU can get the kind of predictability in your business that you’re after.

Go to

If we can help you do that, great, we can talk about it – if we can’t believe me – we are going to tell you that too.

But either way, it’s going to be the best 45 minutes you ever spent working on your business.

Just getting introduced to these ideas is going to massively CHANGE the way you think about this stuff going forward.