How One-on-One Coaching is Killing Your Income (And Hurting Your Clients, Too)

What if there were a way you could drastically LIMIT your income, while practically ensuring that the clients you have get LOUSY results?

AND what if you could also make sure that you NEVER have the freedom to pursue your dreams?

Would you do it? Of course not. Neither would I.

But if you’re seeing clients one-on-one in your coaching or professional services business, this is EXACTLY what you’re doing.

Let’s take a look at why one-on-one coaching is just about the worst thing you can do for your clients, yourself, and your business.

We’ll start with the impact on your income first.


How One-on-One Coaching Kills Your Income

The math is overwhelmingly simple: there are only so many hours in the day.

That simple, stark, brutal fact means that one-on-one coaching automatically puts a cap on your earning potential.

Keri was a brilliant coach. She had close to 100 clients paying $150 an hour. She was in a position most coaches would kill to be in: she was booked solid.

But let’s do some simple math:

40 clients per week x $150 per hour = $6,000 per week in income, or $24,000/month.

This sounds like a lot, but remember: that’s working 40 hours per week, rain or shine.

When Keri came to see me, her client load was KILLING her quality of life.

She was afraid to travel, terrified of taking vacations, and on the verge of burnout.

The worst part? If she needed to miss work for ANY reason, she lost out on that income.

For Keri, freedom didn’t exist.



Creating Real Leverage

As Keri started working with us, she quickly realized that about 80% of her clients had the SAME basic set of issues.

“The best work I do is in the area of women’s empowerment,” Keri said. “I work with female entrepreneurs trying to balance building a company with being a great wife and mother.”

Since 80% of Keri’s clients had the same basic challenge, that meant that Keri ended up teaching the same solutions over and over to each client – a total misuse of time.

This left her tired, drained, and with no way to punch through the $24k/month ceiling she’d created for herself.

When Keri joined us, we went right to work helping her package her knowledge into an 8-week Women’s Empowerment workshop, which she priced at $5,000.

The same concepts that Keri used to cover client-by-client are now taught via pre-recorded video trainings. If clients have questions, or need support, Keri does one Q&A session every week with all her clients as a group.

This sets Keri free to focus on actually getting results for clients, rather than having to teach and re-teach the basics ad nauseum.

By incorporating group training, Keri’s total time spent working in her business has dropped from 40 hours per week to less than 10.

And now, Keri’s income is no longer linked to her time:

  • If she enrolls 5 clients per month into her new program, that’s $25,000…
  • If she brings in 10, that’s $50,000…
  • And if she snags 20, that’s $100,000.

Keri now has real leverage in her business. Her income is no longer based on how many hours she’s working. Now, she gets paid based on the VALUE she delivers for her clients.

Not only that, but because this workshop is delivered online, Keri can work with clients from anywhere in the world.

She left her office, and moved to a beautiful place in San Diego, right on the water.

All she needs to work with clients is a laptop and an internet connection.



A Results-Getting Machine

All right, but what ABOUT those clients? Are they really getting BETTER results now than they were when she was seeing them one-on-one?

YES, for several reasons:

First of all, Keri’s clients now get the BEST coach possible. Because she’s no longer working 40 hours a week, she’s not showing up frazzled and overwhelmed. She’s rested, focused, and ready to work.

Second, the pre-recorded trainings allow clients to learn at their own pace. They can watch and re-watch the training materials to make sure they fully understand every concept and idea, rather than having to rely on notes or struggle to remember what was said in Keri’s office.

Third, clients get faster results working in GROUPS. Group learning allows Keri to place clients into accountability partnerships and small workgroups to achieve better mastery of the course material. They can support one another, quiz each other, and celebrate victories together.

Instead of having a loose collection of individuals, Keri’s workshop now functions like a true family.


The Bottom Line

As with everything else, conventional wisdom is a recipe for staying conventional.

  • The earnings cap on your income disappears…
  • You instantly create the freedom to work from anywhere in the world…
  • You have total control over where, and how, you spend your time…

And best of all, you can do ALL of this while you watch your clients enjoy better results than ever before.

If you want to make the transition from working one-on-one to high-ticket group coaching, we have a FREE video training that walks you through EXACTLY how it’s done. Click here to learn more.