High-Ticket Buyers & Where To Find Them

New clients are always asking us…

  • Who are these people willing to invest $3,000-$10,000 in a coaching program?
  • Where do you find them?
  • And how do you get them to say yes to working with you?

Well, I can tell you this, they are not who you think they are. They are not…

… trust fund heirs,

… Fortune 500 CEOs,

… Exotic sports car owners

… or any other “rich” demographic you might assume.

In fact, as of this writing, not one of all the clients who have decided to work with us over the years fits the “high-ticket buyer” profile most people have in their heads. Not even close.

Here’s the thing…

If you are like most of the business owners we work with, you want to escape the grind of selling $47 ebooks, $497 courses, or charging by the hour.

In short, you want…

  • More income,
  • More freedom and,
  • More impact.

And because that’s what you want, high-ticket sounds very attractive. And it is.

But, attracting, enrolling, and delivering world-class results to high-ticket clients requires more than just raising your prices. Lots more.

But more of what?

After all, if you’re reading this post then chances are what you’re doing isn’t working.

So doing more of that would be insane. And unscalable. Perhaps even unbearable.

So what do you do?

How do you get from low-ticket, inconsistent lead flow to a steady stream of high-ticket buyers lining up to do business with you?

Well for starters, you don’t create the dream businesses our clients have created without getting really clear in your thinking.

Because clarity leads to certainty. And certainty allows you to find and attract the best clients.

In other words, once you get clear, you can attract the right people, convert those people into clients, and deliver life changing results to all the high-ticket clients you can handle.

But without clarity, you’ll likely end up struggling to make a decent income, chained to your phone or desk, and feeling empty knowing you’re not living up to your true potential.

And that’s not what I want for you.

I want you to experience true success as a high-ticket coach or consultant. If that’s what you want too, then you’ll need to develop clear thinking around these five things…

#1 – Mindset

Nothing will send high-ticket buyers running away faster than a weak mindset. If you are broadcasting uncertainty in your ads, in your enrollment calls, or in your content, you’ll never attract the clients you really want. Never.

Truth is, you’ll attract the opposite. You’ll find yourself dealing with uncertain, wish-washy clients. Worse, they’ll ask for a refund on that $497 course they never even logged on and looked at.

Your clients are a MIRROR of who you are being right now. If you want coachable, decisive and resourceful clients, then you need to be coachable, decisive and resourceful FIRST.

That means YOU must first believe your program is worth $3,000-$10,000 BEFORE you can expect a potential client to believe it.

Doubt is contagious. But so is certainty. YOU GET TO CHOOSE on which frequency you broadcast your message.

Speaking of price…

#2 – Price = Outcome

Here’s the thing everybody gets wrong…

People buy outcomes. Period.

They are NOT buying your program. It’s NOT about your time. And it’s definitely not credentials or certifications.

I know that sounds ridiculous. I’m well aware every other marketer on the planet is telling you to write a book, tell your story, and show how awesome you and your program are.

It’s all a bunch of BS.

What a high-ticket client is paying for is a specific outcome in their lives. A BIG problem solved. That’s it.

When you get clear on the BIG problem you can solve for your client, then you can tie your price to what that problem is already costing them in every area of their lives.

  • If you are a relationship coach and can save someone from divorce, how much is THAT worth?
  • If you are a health coach and you can save someone from years of doctor appointments, drugs and pain, how much is THAT worth?
  • If you help people from making huge mistakes with their money, how much is THAT worth?

The answer is WAY more than $3,000-$10,000. That’s why you must be crystal clear the price of your program is based on the outcome, not just a number you charge.

And since that’s true, all your marketing should revolve around the…

#3 – Problem First

Most marketers get this completely backwards. They want to talk about their solution. Their story. Their credentials.

THEN, they’ll tell you how their solution can solve your problem.

The trouble is, that thinking doesn’t work when you’re trying to attract and convert high-ticket prospects into clients.

Instead, every piece of marketing you write or produce should focus on the problem FIRST. Lead with the problem.


Because when you can state their problem with more clarity and certainty than they can express themselves, they’ll assume you must have a solution… or rather, THE solution.

#4 – It’s Not About Giving More Stuff

More is NOT better. More just confuses. Overwhelms.

And a confused mind shuts down… a confused mind says, “NO!”… a confused mind does not get results.

The beautiful thing about outcome focused results, is that you don’t need to give away a bunch of bonuses to get people to work with you. When you get clear on the points above, free stuff just gets in the way. It actually hurts the process.

Even better, that means you don’t have to spend time producing all those freebies and bonuses in the first place. You can spend that time doing something else…

… like serving clients to get crazy good results.

… like spending time with friends and family,

… or even taking some time for yourself.

It’s an amazing way to live and work. And if you’re like the clients we work with, it’s exactly what you’ve been looking for but have been unable to find.

However, that’s about to change once you get clear on…

#5 – A Great Process

High-ticket clients don’t just happen. It requires a great process… an elegantly simple process… a consistent, repeatable, and scaleable process.

Because, a great process allows you to…

  • Find and attract your ideal client,
  • Convert that client into a buyer of your program or service,
  • And, deliver an amazing outcome in far less time than you may even believe is possible.

That means you’ll never have a truly great process piecing together ideas from 13 different gurus or programs.

Instead, you want a powerful and congruent process. A process that covers everything you need from the very first click all the way to transformational results for your client.

Anything less will end up costing you more time, more money and more frustration.

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Talk soon,

Russ Ruffino

Founder, Clients on Demand