How to Escape the Content Marketing Cage


Isn’t content marketing is an endless, soul-crushing GRIND?

The marketing geniuses are telling you to be everywhere, all the time. Podcasts. Videos. Blog posts. Tweets. More, more, more.

Here’s why that sucks:

1) The monster has an endless appetite. Trying to capture the attention of an endlessly-distracted marketplace is futile. Even if you manage to grab it, you only have it for a second and then it’s gone. That means – you guessed it! – gotta create more content!

2) There’s a huge difference between building an audience and creating an income. At Clients on Demand, we talk to people every day who think they’re winning the content game. They have hit podcasts…bestselling books…tons of YouTube subscribers…and ZERO cash flow. Attention is not money!

3) You’re not really helping anyone. Can we be honest? Lack of information isn’t the problem. Information is everywhere. The real reason people don’t have results is that they don’t have a STRATEGY, and someone to walk them through it. Great strategy + world-class support + accountability is what creates results. Not more chatter.

If you’ve been looking down the barrel of a life spent grinding out content, and it seems like a horrible, empty existence…you’re right.

Thank God there’s a better way.

You don’t have to create endless content to establish your authority. You just need ONE webinar.

You don’t need a $27 product, and a $197 product, and a $497 product. You just need ONE amazing program that gets results. (And you can price it at $3,000 – $10,000 or more on the front-end).

You don’t need a certification. You don’t need a huge audience. You don’t need someone to tell you that you’re worthy. TODAY you can roll out the offer that will make you a millionaire and create real results for your clients.

Right now, there are people all over the world who need your help. They have the problem that you solve, but they can’t fix it on their own. It’s not lack of information. What they’re missing is YOU.

They’re on their knees, hoping and praying that someone like you – a true mentor – will come along and show them the way.

Isn’t it time you stopped grinding out content and actually put something out there that can help them…and make you rich at the same time?