Does Your Price Confuse Potential Clients?


Yesterday I talked about fear being the #1 offender when it comes to getting your pricing WRONG…

But there’s a common pricing mistake that I see happening that I haven’t really touched on…

PRICING MISTAKE #2 –     Offering TOO Many Packages and Pricing Options

I completely understand the thought process that goes into this –

“If I offer a large menu of services, and create several pricing options, hopefully they’ll pick one of them.”

That’s fine for choosing a coffee at Starbuck’s…

…but it’s not the most effective approach when you’re offering a high-end service.

The reality is this:

Offering too many pricing options is confusing as hell.

It’s EXHAUSTING for both parties.

And (if given the choice) some clients will opt for the lowest-priced option.

The problem with this is that it doesn’t always cover EVERYTHING they need.

Often, it solves only a piece of the bigger problem that they need fixed.

The result?  They’ll get upset when they don’t get the full results they want…

On the surface, it seems like you’re doing them a huge favor by creating lots of options, or tiered pricing.

They don’t need a ton of choices.

They don’t need a menu of “good, better, best” price-point options.

They are depending on YOU to understand exactly what they need, and offer them a solid solution.

You only need ONE great offer that gives them everything that they need to solve their problem.

Either they want it, or they don’t.

Make sense?