Do You Have What It Takes To Command High-Ticket Pricing?

What makes a good high-ticket offer? Could high-ticket work for you? Now?

Unsure? Don’t be. It’s actually pretty stratighforward…

First, let’s define ‘high-ticket.’

It’s a product or service that costs between $3,000 and $15,000 (or more) right out of the gate. You aren’t selling $7 “tripwires,” $27 eBooks, or $197 video courses. Those waste time. They’re all just a bunch of information when what people need (and really want) is transformation.

That’s why, you can create an incredible business by having just ONE core offer to transform a life.

When you have one, and only one, transformational offer, you’re telling clients, “this is what works.” You’re showing them you’re not just interested in handing them tips or blog posts, you want to be there 100% to heal their relationship, to mend their body, or to jumpstart their business.

You’re going to bat for them so they succeed no matter what. They know you are in their corner for the entire fight.

It’s a really big deal. An offer like that stands out. So much so, people are ready to pay thousands of dollars to work with you.

It’s a clear win for them. And a clear win for you.

High-ticket pricing will help you reach your income goals faster, create better outcomes for your clients, and allow you to finally find the freedom for which you’ve been searching.

So, will this type of offer work for YOU and YOUR business?

The answer is … maybe. Fact is, not everyone can, or should, charge a premium price.

But these three questions will help you decide if high-ticket will work for you.

Question 1: “is My Offer Transformative?”

First things first.

You can only set a high-ticket price tag if your offer is transformative.

It needs to alter a life for the better. It needs to solve a major problem and have a real impact on relationships, health, or income.

You can’t just give information. You can’t just set them loose on the world. You need to sail by their side and guide them to greener lands.

Not all offers are going to work for this.

A course on grilling the best hot dog … a pre-recorded fitness program … or a small booklet on how to improve a relationship … those are just wasting people’s time.

Remember, your offer MUST solve a major life or business challenge … without a doubt.

Here are some examples.

You’re a relationship coach ready to save someone’s marriage with intensive sessions. You’re an advertising consultant who can transform a business. You’re a fitness coach that will personally help 40-year-old mothers into the best shape of their lives.

AND, you’re by their side, guiding them every step of the way.

Those are transformative offers.

Question #2: “am I Personally Worth A High-ticket Fee?”

Now let’s talk about personal credentials. Maybe you’re worried your certifications and accolades don’t pack enough punch, yeah?

There’s an easy way past this hurdle. Think of your service in terms of the OUTCOME you deliver. Not the features and credentials that back it up.

What is the life-changing problem you’re going to solve? What is it worth to your client if that problem is erased from their minds forever?

For instance, I’m a lucky guy with a beautiful wife. But, if my marriage was failing, I’d be willing to pay anything to turn things around. That outcome would be priceless to me.

So think of the outcome you are offering. What is it worth to your clients?

Now, charge that amount.

Don’t feel guilty about charging a high fee. Why? Because your customers will get even better results from your high ticket service.

I know that doesn’t make sense. So let me explain …

When COD first started, we offered lower ticket programs priced from $500 to $2,000. People who purchased the $500 program only showed up with $500 worth of commitment. They didn’t take full advantage.

After all, what are they losing? $500? Not such big of a deal.

But when you start charging premium prices, something really cool happens. People show up. And show up HUNGRY. They’re committed. Ready to work.

When you charge a premium price, it’s easier for your clients to succeed. They can push through the fear, push through resistance, and achieve an outstanding result.

Things are better for you too.

When you charge a premium price, you give a different level of experience. Your attention is focused and your game is on point.

With a high ticket offer, you may only need to enroll 10 new clients each month. Because, those 10 clients earn you between $30,000 and $50,000. And you deliver a VIP experience.

Everything’s better. Focused coaching, clearer idea exchange, and fantastic outcomes.

Here’s the last question to ask yourself …

Question #3: “how Do I Get People To Invest That Kind Of Money?”

Once you’ve taken the leap to create a high ticket offer, how do you get people to enroll?

It’s not hard. In fact, I have one magic tool.

But first … one of the biggest mistakes I see.

People try to sell the WAY they do something instead of the RESULTS they achieve.

They write articles that brag about fancy certifications, expert training, and a one-of-a-kind processes. But, here’s the kicker … Your audience doesn’t care.

They don’t know what those certifications mean. They don’t know who your fancy instructors are. And they’ve never heard of your “7 Easy Step” process.

They just want to know what you can do for them. Now. Today.

So, don’t spend years hunched over your keyboard grinding out content. Forget the endless blog posts. You don’t need to bother.

There’s an easier way. Here’s my secret …

Just do a 45-minute webinar.

It’s the simplest way to build real authority. Use the presentation to talk about the problems people have. Show them you understand what they’re going through. Then, tell them there’s hope.

In fact, YOU are the one who can give them hope.

By the end of the presentation, viewers will be 100% convinced. They’ll see you as the authority. Plus, they’ll know YOU are the right person to help.

This method is a pipeline. It’s predictable. It’s dependable. It just works.

Here at COD, we start with online advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. This traffic is sent to a webinar. At the end, we make a simple offer.

“Like what you see? Want to know more? Here’s how to reach us. We want to help.”

That’s all it takes to bring in a steady string of prospects month after month.

This method is simple. Not easy. It takes some hard work.

Luckily, we’re here to help.

Maybe you know you’ve been undercharging. You are working WAY too hard to get clients. And the clients you have aren’t doing the work.

Then, let us help. I’ve got an easy way for you to learn more about the strategies we teach for creating a an irresistible high-ticket coaching business.

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Remember, you CAN create a high ticket offer that will transform lives. We’ll be with you. Every step of the way.

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Talk soon,
Russ Ruffino
Founder, Clients on Demand