Are These Pricing Mistakes KILLING Your Business?


You may be struggling with whether you’ve priced your high-ticket service correctly.

Creating the right pricing strategy is CRITICAL to your offer.

It’s a balancing act…

You want to maximize the number of ideal clients you enroll…

But – you need to do so

  • WITHOUT de-valuing yourself,
  • WITHOUT creating a dis-service to your clients, and
  • WITHOUT adding unnecessary hours to your work-week

So you’re 100% RIGHT to put some serious thought into your price…

It begs the question:


In my experience, I’ve seen a lot of pricing mistakes that can kill an otherwise amazing high-ticket offer.

This week, I want to shed some light on a few of those top offenders…

PRICING MISTAKE #1 – Fear-based Pricing

FEAR is the top reason why offers get priced incorrectly.

“I’m not experienced enough yet.”

“I don’t have enough paying clients under my belt.”

“This is a brand new program.”

“I should build momentum before I offer my program at full price.”

These are the poisonous fear-based thoughts that sabotage how you price your offer.

Your price should NEVER be determined by how many years of experience you have…

…or by how many clients you currently work with…

…or by mimicking what others in the industry are charging…

…or by how long your program has been running.

NONE of these determine your true value.

There are two other pricing disaster scenarios that I want to talk about…

Stay tuned for a post on those later this week.

We have phenomenal coaches on our team who can help you set the right price for your offer.

They can help you bust through any fear-based thoughts that are sabotaging your business.

If FEAR is stopping you from charging what you’re truly worth, reach out and we can help…