Are Facebook Ads Killing You?!

Some people have negative beliefs about advertising. They think it’s not necessary. Referrals and word of mouth should be enough.

But real businesses need to advertise.

Why? Because it gives you control. It puts you in the driver’s seat. It makes it so you control how fast things grow.

Control is a powerful thing. You control when new clients arrive. And you control the fate of your business.

Yes, referrals are great. But, eventually, they dry up. You’ll be left sitting at your desk, twiddling your thumbs, and hoping that business magically appears in the coming month. (I hope you’re never in that situation.)

Successful Advertising Isn’t Just About Your Ads

One useful tool for advertising is Facebook. It can be extremely profitable. But only if you do it right.

For instance, are you targeting the right audience? Is your funnel working like a well-oiled machine? Are you earning a strong return on your dollars spent?

I want to talk about this last point for a second.

Some businesses waste their customer’s time with free reports, $7 tripwires, and $27 things that do little to solve any real problems.

With this low ticket structure, you might spend $2-3 for each fresh prospect. But, only a small percent of your new list will take the tripwire offer. An even smaller percent will buy a final product.

What are you profiting? A dollar or two? You’ll need hundreds of thousands of customers each year for this low ticket system to generate anything near a six-figure income.

Plus, it takes a lot of time. Wait for them to read the free report. Wait for them to read the tripwire. Wait, wait, wait…

Why do all that? Instead, have one offer, priced at $3,000 to $10,000, that actually solves their problem.

Give them an offer that is transformative. Offer your customers a real solution. Take people from clicking on your ads to becoming a client at a high price in just 24-48 hours.

Say, I’ve got ONE thing. It’s going to help you. Take it or leave it.

And, since you’re selling a $3,000 to $10,000 product, you can spend more to acquire each lead. You might spend $100 or $500 to earn one new customer. But, when you are enrolling them in a $5,000 offer, the math suddenly makes much more sense.

(That’s a $10 back in your pocket for every $1 you spend on ads.)

This method makes the best use of YOUR time. It makes the best use of your CUSTOMER’S time. And, it makes you a hell of a lot more money.

Three Keys To Generate Massive Roi On Your Facebook Ads

Once you’ve got your high ticket pricing in place, check out these three keys for generating $5, $10, or even $15 for every dollar you spend on Facebook ads.

… Find a step-by-step strategy that works. Then, stick to it.

… Hire experts that can help implement your system.

… Work with people who can diagnose problems when things aren’t working.

A lot of business owners get sucked into to ‘shiny object syndrome.’ They get distracted by the latest and greatest tips and tricks out there. But ‘different’ isn’t always better.

Instead, leave emotions out of your decisions. Find a strategy and give it a fair shot before you abandon ship. If things aren’t working, don’t freak out. Just go into problem solving mode.

A key part of having a winning strategy is having the right people on your team to help you implement your system.

But, for many of you, there is no highly skilled team in your corner. It’s just you. Trying to tame the raging beast of advertising all on your own.

So YOU’VE got to understand the entire process. Intimately. If you don’t, then you won’t know how to fix problems that come up.

You might start messing with parts of your funnel that don’t need to be touched. This could do more harm than good. And it could cause you to spend years spinning your wheels.

The worst feeling in the world is when you’ve done the hard work, your funnel’s not working, and you don’t know why.

Are your ads targeting the wrong audience? Is the funnel not set up well? Do you need to rebrand your entire business?

Incredibly frustrating.

Fortunately, there’s a better way…

Simply, make it a goal to work with people who can see the big picture. People who understand the strategy at a deep level. Their work will inspire tremendous confidence.

And confidence is a powerful thing.

A skilled person can look at the marketing data without letting emotions get in the way. They can see trends in your numbers and figure out where potential customers are falling off the wagon.

Maybe the problem is something small. For instance, maybe your webinar just needs one sentence removed. And yes, one sentence really can undermine a viewer’s entire experience. Or maybe the language in your sales conversation isn’t striking the right tone. Then again, maybe the landing page needs to be slightly reorganized.

If you don’t know how to scientifically look at your funnel and diagnose what’s not working, you’ll just be playing a guessing game. You’ll start to invent outrageous solutions. You’ll be like a cave man who assumes the gods are angry since it’s been three weeks without rain.

Your business deserves a team of experienced and unbiased professionals that can get the cogs turning.

Because when it comes to the health of your business, you don’t want to pinch pennies or cut corners. You want the very best. That’s how you can get a massive ROI on your advertising.

Here’s the thing…

Even if you get your Facebook ads perfect, they’re just one piece of a larger gameplan. That’s why we’ve put together a masterclass where you can see the entire strategy we teach our clients.

This strategy, when combined with hard work and implementation, allows you to dominate your niche…fast.

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And remember, Facebook ads can help you take control of your business. By offering your customers a real transformative solution, you’ll help them solve their problems faster while making a greater profit. But, it’s going to take some hard work to get this right.

These three keys will help…

  1. Find a step-by-step strategy that works. Then, stick to it.
  2. Hire experts that can help you implement the strategy.
  3. Work with people who can diagnose problems when things aren’t working.

Talk soon,
Russ Ruffino
Founder, Clients on Demand