4 Key Principles To Achieve Success In Any Field You Choose To Enter

“Success leaves clues.” -Tony Robbins

Tony was right. The clues are everywhere, in any business or field you choose to pursue.

You just have to notice them and follow them to your desired destination. And if you want to succeed in business, here are 4 key principles that will get you where you want to be, and make success inevitable—fast.

It’s time to turn off the screen and focus on what’s really real. It’s high-time you got used to being able to…

…devour knowledge for a living.

First, I should point out that I’m a devoted reader.

But it’s hardly causal, it’s more of a extreme sport you’d seen on ESPN. I’m constantly on the prowl like a rabid dog for new nuggets of wisdom in the latest books on psychology, marketing, self-help, growth hacking, etc.

Why? I’m looking to create a shift in the way I operate my business.

Secondly, I surround myself with the smartest (and most daring) marketing minds on the planet. You might have heard of this practice. Most people call it a mastermind.

Some meetings are worth far more than I’ve paid, while others aren’t worth the paper the acceptance form is printed on. Moving on, in these masterminds I attend, I get to go behind closed doors and glimpse what makes people’s businesses thrive or die.

NOTE: Take these fast-track principles, apply them as you see fit, stick to them, and your goals and dreams will fall into place.

I stand by them and I like to think of them as a guaranteed success formula. They’re bound to get you where you want to be, but they must become part of your daily routine.



1. Focus On Victory And Your Subconscious Will Force You To Succeed

Here’s what I mean: You should first embrace victory and accept it as something that has already been established.

Don’t dwell on your goals.

Instead, simply see it as a done thing, feel the way you would if you’d already achieved your purpose, and behave as you would if you had ‘turned the page’ on your dreams.

Here’s the deal: If you put all your time and energy into having the life you want, living, breathing your achievements, your subconscious will eventually kick in and works overtime to mend the gap.

The gap between your dreams and reality is VERY small.

As you begin to think like this 24/7, to meditate and visualize, a few things happen.

You begin to stray from fear, anxiety and tension, and into the realm of joy, peace and enthusiasm. When you’re in that state, things materialize much faster.

Let’s go one step further.

I believe that there is a divine idea of your life and business, that you can tap into when you picture yourself in the best possible scenario. Think of it this way: When you visualize your success, you’re really thinking about the best scenario.

If you do believe in the divine, think about the fact that a higher entity sees you as the best you can be.

Like the child that can do no wrong.

The perfect child every parent defends to the death.

So, when you step back and focus on that victory, you’re tapping into the divine vision of your life. You’re bringing yourself closer to that divine idea of your life.



2. The Universe’s Will For Your Life Always Transcends Your Wildest Dreams

This means that the success you imagine for yourself as I mentioned earlier can only be a fraction of what you achieve. Reality will transcend it, make it even better.

So, you have to know what you want and not to settle.

Visualization fails when we picture our success, but go out there and do the exact opposite of what we’d do if we were successful. What we do contradicts what we’ve visualized.

Like a young lady picturing her Prince Charming and then entering an abusive relationship. You have to be faithful to your vision. You should never settle. Not with clients, not with mates, not with business partners.[Tweet “You should never settle. Not with clients, not with mates, not with business partners.”]

It’s up to you to say no when they don’t fit the bill. Because when you turn down people who are not right, you can only stumble across better ones in the future. When you accept them, you end up doing things you’re not happy with.

So, stick to your guns. If clients are abusive or non-cooperative, kick them out. Your business will thank you for it.



3. Visualize And Meditate Every Day

There are countless ways to meditate.

You can try mine. I set aside time for 20 minute, I sit down, I close my eyes, and I thank the universe in advance for the things that I want. I visualize having all those things, right now, right here.

When your subconscious is tense and weary, train it like a dog. You have to, and eventually it’s going to succumb to you and give you what you want. The more you do meditate, the easier it’s going to get. You’ll eventually be able to see every last detail of the car of your dreams.

And your subconscious is going to work to materialize these things.

I like to meditate when I wake up, in the shower, where I know I won’t be disturbed. I wake up, sit down in the shower for 10 minutes, 20 minutes, and just visualize the things that I want.

As you go about your day, it’s up to you to reject and reverse any thoughts which contradicts your vision.

If you don’t, they start getting to you, eating away at your confidence.

But don’t beat yourself up. Reverse them with an affirmation or a pre-set thought. It could be as easy as saying, “Thank you that this is handled,” or “Thank you for my perfect success.” Then go back to rule number one and start all over.



4. Prioritize And Concentrate On One Thing At A Time

Every day, do the most important thing. Don’t multitask.

Start right away and don’t do anything else until you’ve finished. Prepare your to do list when you wake up. I’m not referring to your shopping list. I’m talking strictly about those things that have an impact, that scare you, and that carry with them the possibility of failure.

Sticking with these four principles can only spell success.

Breaking these laws means no amount of outside assistance or guidance will help. Turn them into your daily routine and let them be your bread and butter.

Review your list of goals daily, sit down, meditate, visualize, and be thankful in advance. Convince yourself that you’ve achieved your goals, and your subconscious will convince the universe for you. Trust your subconscious to handle it for you. Reject proposals that your instincts tell you are not right for you. And please, I beg you…

Don’t take money for things that feel wrong.

It doesn’t serve you or your clients. If you had the money, would you accept a client? If you were in the relationship of your dreams, would you tolerate a certain kind of behavior from your partner?

It may mean making tough decisions. To have the kind of business you want, you need to act honorably, with integrity. Everything will be absolutely fine if you reject an offer that you instinctively don’t like.

When you feel negative energy, just stop and reverse that thought with your trusty affirmation. Be thankful, express the feeling, and feel it in your heart.

Train your subconscious with repetition, and it will jump on board, eventually. Then do the most important thing on your list every day. It usually means executing the plan that I give you in this course. I know you can do it. Here’s an easy way to get started…

Simply set a time for 30 minutes.

Go offline and stop messaging. Shut off all devices and potential distractions. Put your head down and work for 30 minutes. When that timer goes off, take a 5 minute break. Then repeat. Four hours a day is all it takes to make the changes you want.

Every successful person that I know on this planet does this, one way or another. Success is not about the business. It’s about the mindset. The business follows naturally.

The sooner you start, the sooner things start looking up. However, should you ever feel frustrated, confused, or lost, come back to these principles and check you’ve followed them to the letter.