High-Ticket Buyers & Where To Find Them

New clients are always asking us…

  • Who are these people willing to invest $3,000-$10,000 in a coaching program?
  • Where do you find them?
  • And how do you get them to say yes to working with you?

Well, I can tell you this, they are not who you think they are. They are not…

… trust fund heirs,

… Fortune 500 CEOs,

… Exotic sports car owners

… or any other “rich” demographic you might assume.

In fact, as of this writing, not one of all the clients who have decided to work with us over the years fits the “high-ticket buyer” profile most people have in their heads. Not even close.

Here’s the thing…

If you are like most of the business owners we work with, you want to escape the grind of selling $47 ebooks, $497 courses, or charging by the hour.

In short, you want…

  • More income,
  • More freedom and,
  • More impact.

And because that’s what you want, high-ticket sounds very attractive. And it is.

But, attracting, enrolling, and delivering world-class results to high-ticket clients requires more than just raising your prices. Lots more.

But more of what?

After all, if you’re reading this post then chances are what you’re doing isn’t working.

So doing more of that would be insane. And unscalable. Perhaps even unbearable.

So what do you do?

How do you get from low-ticket, inconsistent lead flow to a steady stream of high-ticket buyers lining up to do business with you?

Well for starters, you don’t create the dream businesses our clients have created without getting really clear in your thinking.

Because clarity leads to certainty. And certainty allows you to find and attract the best clients.

In other words, once you get clear, you can attract the right people, convert those people into clients, and deliver life changing results to all the high-ticket clients you can handle.

But without clarity, you’ll likely end up struggling to make a decent income, chained to your phone or desk, and feeling empty knowing you’re not living up to your true potential.

And that’s not what I want for you.

I want you to experience true success as a high-ticket coach or consultant. If that’s what you want too, then you’ll need to develop clear thinking around these five things…

#1 – Mindset

Nothing will send high-ticket buyers running away faster than a weak mindset. If you are broadcasting uncertainty in your ads, in your enrollment calls, or in your content, you’ll never attract the clients you really want. Never.

Truth is, you’ll attract the opposite. You’ll find yourself dealing with uncertain, wish-washy clients. Worse, they’ll ask for a refund on that $497 course they never even logged on and looked at.

Your clients are a MIRROR of who you are being right now. If you want coachable, decisive and resourceful clients, then you need to be coachable, decisive and resourceful FIRST.

That means YOU must first believe your program is worth $3,000-$10,000 BEFORE you can expect a potential client to believe it.

Doubt is contagious. But so is certainty. YOU GET TO CHOOSE on which frequency you broadcast your message.

Speaking of price…

#2 – Price = Outcome

Here’s the thing everybody gets wrong…

People buy outcomes. Period.

They are NOT buying your program. It’s NOT about your time. And it’s definitely not credentials or certifications.

I know that sounds ridiculous. I’m well aware every other marketer on the planet is telling you to write a book, tell your story, and show how awesome you and your program are.

It’s all a bunch of BS.

What a high-ticket client is paying for is a specific outcome in their lives. A BIG problem solved. That’s it.

When you get clear on the BIG problem you can solve for your client, then you can tie your price to what that problem is already costing them in every area of their lives.

  • If you are a relationship coach and can save someone from divorce, how much is THAT worth?
  • If you are a health coach and you can save someone from years of doctor appointments, drugs and pain, how much is THAT worth?
  • If you help people from making huge mistakes with their money, how much is THAT worth?

The answer is WAY more than $3,000-$10,000. That’s why you must be crystal clear the price of your program is based on the outcome, not just a number you charge.

And since that’s true, all your marketing should revolve around the…

#3 – Problem First

Most marketers get this completely backwards. They want to talk about their solution. Their story. Their credentials.

THEN, they’ll tell you how their solution can solve your problem.

The trouble is, that thinking doesn’t work when you’re trying to attract and convert high-ticket prospects into clients.

Instead, every piece of marketing you write or produce should focus on the problem FIRST. Lead with the problem.


Because when you can state their problem with more clarity and certainty than they can express themselves, they’ll assume you must have a solution… or rather, THE solution.

#4 – It’s Not About Giving More Stuff

More is NOT better. More just confuses. Overwhelms.

And a confused mind shuts down… a confused mind says, “NO!”… a confused mind does not get results.

The beautiful thing about outcome focused results, is that you don’t need to give away a bunch of bonuses to get people to work with you. When you get clear on the points above, free stuff just gets in the way. It actually hurts the process.

Even better, that means you don’t have to spend time producing all those freebies and bonuses in the first place. You can spend that time doing something else…

… like serving clients to get crazy good results.

… like spending time with friends and family,

… or even taking some time for yourself.

It’s an amazing way to live and work. And if you’re like the clients we work with, it’s exactly what you’ve been looking for but have been unable to find.

However, that’s about to change once you get clear on…

#5 – A Great Process

High-ticket clients don’t just happen. It requires a great process… an elegantly simple process… a consistent, repeatable, and scaleable process.

Because, a great process allows you to…

  • Find and attract your ideal client,
  • Convert that client into a buyer of your program or service,
  • And, deliver an amazing outcome in far less time than you may even believe is possible.

That means you’ll never have a truly great process piecing together ideas from 13 different gurus or programs.

Instead, you want a powerful and congruent process. A process that covers everything you need from the very first click all the way to transformational results for your client.

Anything less will end up costing you more time, more money and more frustration.

If you’re wondering where to find a great process that can deliver more income to your bank account, more freedom in your life, while allowing you to make a bigger impact on the world, then I invite you to register for my next webinar.

During the webinar I go into even more detail about our model and reveal…

How a Small Handful of Coaches & Consultants Are Earning 6-7 Figures

Click the link above, register, and attend this webinar. When you do, you’re going to discover…

  • The 4-step business model transforming our clients from complete unknowns into 6 and 7-figure earners’ while they stay true to their purpose and impact the world for the better…
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  • Why blogging, podcasting, and content marketing are the SLOWEST, most frustrating way to find high-ticket clients…and the simple 4-step process our clients use to enroll new clients every day…
  • How to take a prospect from ‘click to client’ in less than 24-48 hours, even if you’re charging $5,000 or more…
  • AND how to do all of this by making the world a better place than it is now!

Listen, if you’re serious about finding high-ticket buyers, then this webinar is a must attend.

If you’re committed to getting real results for your clients, then this webinar will show you the most effective process on the planet.

It’s not for everyone. But for those who are ready, it’s life changing.


Talk soon,

Russ Ruffino

Founder, Clients on Demand…

Are These Mental Roadblocks Sabotaging Your Coaching Business?

Do you feel stuck? Stalled out? Unsure about what to do next to grow your coaching or consulting business?

If so, you’re not alone.

Each year, my team and I work with thousands of coaches. Good people who desperately want to take their business to the next level.

Unfortunately, there’s a problem…

These incredibly talented coaches who want to increase their income, create more freedom, and have a bigger impact in the world, keep stopping.

Truth is, they’re sabotaging their own success. That’s not a knock against them. It’s simply what my team and I see over and over. And I get it. I used to struggle with the same thing.

It wasn’t until I started being very intentional about removing the mental roadblocks in my thinking that I began to get traction in my business.

Because no matter how solid a strategy I would have tried to follow, there’s zero chance I’d be running an 8-figure consulting business if I’d not figured out how to remove these mental roadblocks. Mental blocks I see incredibly gifted business owners struggling with every day.

But here’s the thing…

Like traffic in LA, these mental roadblocks never really go away. That’s the bad news. The good news is there are strategies for dealing with the blocks on the road to success.

First, you’ll want to learn to recognize what’s really stopping you. Then, and only then, can you create strategies for removing these blocks from your life.

Following are the top 4 mental roadblocks my team and I see sabotaging and stopping business owners from charging premium prices and creating a successful 6-7 figure business…

Mental Roadblock #1 – Self-doubt

I know, I know… you already know about self-doubt. At least intellectually. So did I. But what I didn’t realize is how often I was doubting myself.

Self-doubt can really fly under the radar. It becomes the track playing on repeat in our brains, the background noise to our lives. And, we get used to it. We begin to believe self-doubt is fact.

It’s not. It’s just a habit of thinking the same thoughts over and over. And often, the disempowering thoughts aren’t even our thoughts. They are thoughts we picked up along the way from friends, family and society in general.

So what does this voice of self-doubt sound like? How do you recognize it? For me it sounds like…

  • What if this doesn’t work?
  • What if they don’t like my program?
  • What if they laugh (or get pissed off) when I tell them what I charge?

In short, it’s any thought, or series of thoughts, that cause me to hallucinate about a future I don’t actually want. It’s me imagining a worse case scenario.

It’s crazy how somewhere along the way this type of thinking became our default. It became the dominant voice in our heads.

But it doesn’t have to be. Because, you can retrain your brain. You can take control of the conversation. Mke it work for you, not against you.

How? By asking better questions. Questions like…

  • What will this look and feel like when it works better than I even imagined?
  • What if people enroll and LOVE my program?
  • What if the price I’m charging causes people to sit up, take notice and attracts the very clients who are most likely to apply my teaching?

As you can see, those questions create an entirely different vision of my future. Those questions inspire and empower my belief in myself.

What questions could you train yourself to ask so you imagine a better future? A bolder future? And a bolder YOU?

Mental Roadblock #2 – Perfectionism

Perfectionism. We see this all the time. Truth is, I believe this comes from a place of wanting to serve. Wanting to give clients the “perfect” experience…wanting to really help people.

And that’s exactly why it’s so easy to get stopped by the perfectionism roadblock. But there’s a problem…

Trying to get something perfect causes you to create NOTHING. And…

You can’t get your program together.
You can’t sell anything.
You can’t create massive impact in the world when people don’t even know your program is available to solve their problem.

The thing is, there’s always going to be something you can tweak, or add, or design to make your offer “better.” But, until you get version 1.0 out into the world, you’ll never know if that’s what the market actually needs, or wants.

Which is EXACTLY why putting the first version out there is so scary. What if they DON’T like it!? What if my membership site IS hard to navigate and people get frustrated?

Then, you fix it. You make it a little better. But you can’t fix what doesn’t exist.

Plus, the first, sixth, twenty-sixth version, they ALL will need something fixed. It will NEVER be perfect.

We are always finding ways to improve what we do at Clients on Demand. It’s never “perfect.” And I’m ok with that now.

So, instead of letting the idea of perfection stop you, ask these questions…

  • What’s the outcome I want?
  • What’s the shortest, simplest path to that outcome?
  • What are the top 20% of actions that will move me towards that outcome today?

Then, do the work that gets you closest to the outcome. Do NOT settle for just any action. CHOOSE the actions that get you the most traction towards your outcome.

Mental Roadblock #3 – Franken-biz Thinking

Imagine you’re taking a vacation with the family. And you decide it would be nice to take a jigsaw puzzle in case of a rainy day. So, you go to the store and see a whole shelf full of puzzles. Lots of options.

But instead of choosing ONE, because you might miss out on something cool, you decide to open up five boxes and pull a handful of pieces from each box.

Then, you grab a sixth box because the picture on it is REALLY cool. You dump all the pieces out and put the random pieces from the other five boxes into the sixth box with the cool picture.

Now, let me ask you…

What’s your chance of successfully creating the picture on the sixth box using the puzzle pieces from five other boxes? Zero, right?

It’s crazy to even try to do that. Yet this is exactly what I see coaches and consultants doing all the time when they try to build an online business.

It does not work. It’s incredibly expensive. And needlessly frustrating.

Really, trying to build a “Franken-Biz” is the result of…

Mental Roadblock #4 – DIY Thinking

Do-It-Yourself projects are really popular right now. Entire channels are dedicated to convincing you that you too can…

… restore a classic car over the weekend.
… cook a five star meal for your family in 30 minutes.
… remodel an entire house in your spare time and flip it for a quick and easy $50k.

But it just isn’t true. Just like building an online business, there are multiple skills and trades you need to know to pull off anything worth doing.

Chances are, you’re a phenomenal coach. And it probably took you years of study and life experience to develop your skills.

Yet, we tend to buy into the false belief that the skills needed to build an online business are easy. Mostly because that’s what all the marketers tell us.

But just like flipping a house, or restoring a car, there are dozens of specialized skills required to pull it off.

It’s why I have Facebook ad experts, mindset experts, copy experts, and more on staff to help me build my business and to help my clients build their businesses.

It’s simply too much for any one person to pull off on their own.


The ONE thing all these mental roadblocks have in common is FEAR…

  • Fear of not being accepted
  • Fear of failing
  • Fear of missing out on something
    … and about a hundred other fears.

Regardless of the fear you are experiencing, success will require you question and challenge that fear.

To do that, ask better questions, find better answers and expand your thinking about what is possible.

And if you’d like to do all three in less than an hour, then consider attending my next masterclass:

What The Top 1% of Coaches Know That You Don’t

When you do, you’ll discover…

  • A 4-step coaching model taking our clients from total unknowns to 6 and 7-figure earners’ while remaining true to their mission and having an incredible impact on the world…
  • The simple structure that allows you to serve your clients in just a few hours per week, working with just a laptop from anywhere in the world – your bedroom, office, or on a beach…
  • Why blogging, podcasting, and content marketing are the SLOWEST, most frustrating way of getting clients…and the little-known process our clients use to make high-ticket sales every day…
  • How to take a potential client from ‘click to client’ in less than 24-48 hours, even if you’re charging $5,000 or more…
  • AND how to do all of this by making the world a better place than it is now!

I look forward to seeing your name on the registration list here:


Talk soon,

Russ Ruffino
Founder, Clients on Demand…



I’ve been posting this week on some of the biggest pricing mistakes I’ve seen lately…

But there’s 1 critical error I saw yesterday that has the power to make a business go BELLY UP…


Here’s 3 reasons why people tend to REDUCE/DROP their price from what they are truly worth…

1. FEAR (I talked about this in a post earlier this week)


This sounds harmless, but here’s the issue:

MORE clients is NOT always better.

When you set your rates low, you won’t attract the highest-caliber clients.

You risk attracting the pain-in-the-ass clients that:

* aren’t as serious about fixing their problem.

* aren’t committed to your program.

* often don’t want to put in the necessary work to get big results.

How will it look for your business if you have a bunch of non-motivated clients NOT getting results?

I don’t want to work with 10 luke-warm semi-committed clients.

I would rather have 1 GREAT client who’s willing to invest in changing their life, put in the work, and get phenomenal results.

That’s why we are super selective about who we take on in our program.

3. YOU HAVE A HUGE HEART – and feel awful turning people away who need help, but can’t afford your service.

…so something in you wants to adjust your price to make it affordable for them.

I get it – it downright sucks when someone needs your service, and can’t pay for it.

Don’t get me wrong – Having a giant heart, and wanting to help everyone is fantastic…

BUT… it becomes a problem when you let your emotions get in the way of charging what you’re worth.

Let this sink in – – YOU CAN’T FIX EVERYONE’S PROBLEM…

But there are plenty of ways that you can still provide these people with tremendous help… WITHOUT devaluing your service.

In most cases, I’ve found that the real issue is NOT your price. It’s usually that:

They are CHOOSING not to invest (they aren’t serious enough, not committed, etc…), or

You’re not pre-qualifying your leads enough

Anybody here have a BIG HEART, and struggle when someone NEEDS your service, but can’t afford it?…



Yesterday I talked about fear being the #1 offender when it comes to getting your pricing WRONG…

But there’s a common pricing mistake that I see happening that I haven’t really touched on…

PRICING MISTAKE #2 –     Offering TOO Many Packages and Pricing Options…

Are These Pricing Mistakes KILLING Your Business?


You may be struggling with whether you’ve priced your high-ticket service correctly.

Creating the right pricing strategy is CRITICAL to your offer.

It’s a balancing act…

You want to maximize the number of ideal clients you enroll…

But – you need to do so

  • WITHOUT de-valuing yourself,
  • WITHOUT creating a dis-service to your clients, and
  • WITHOUT adding unnecessary hours to your work-week

So you’re 100% RIGHT to put some serious thought into your price…

It begs the question:


In my experience, I’ve seen a lot of pricing mistakes that can kill an otherwise amazing high-ticket offer.

This week, I want to shed some light on a few of those top offenders…

PRICING MISTAKE #1 – Fear-based Pricing

FEAR is the top reason why offers get priced incorrectly.

“I’m not experienced enough yet.”

“I don’t have enough paying clients under my belt.”

“This is a brand new program.”

“I should build momentum before I offer my program at full price.”

These are the poisonous fear-based thoughts that sabotage how you price your offer.

Your price should NEVER be determined by how many years of experience you have…

…or by how many clients you currently work with…

…or by mimicking what others in the industry are charging…

…or by how long your program has been running.

NONE of these determine your true value.

There are two other pricing disaster scenarios that I want to talk about…

Stay tuned for a post on those later this week.

We have phenomenal coaches on our team who can help you set the right price for your offer.

They can help you bust through any fear-based thoughts that are sabotaging your business.

If FEAR is stopping you from charging what you’re truly worth, reach out and we can help……

It’s Not Supposed to Be Easy


Have you ever heard someone say that if you’re “in alignment” with the Universe, everything should “flow” and be easy?

For a long time, I bought that idea.

I thought that if I was hitting challenges in my business, it meant that I was off course. I believed that if something was meant to happen, it would happen easily or not at all.

I can tell you from bitter experience that this is probably THE MOST destructive belief you can have as an entrepreneur. …

How to Escape the Content Marketing Cage


Isn’t content marketing is an endless, soul-crushing GRIND?

The marketing geniuses are telling you to be everywhere, all the time. Podcasts. Videos. Blog posts. Tweets. More, more, more.

Here’s why that sucks:…

What to Do When Your Brain is the Problem


If you’ve ever tried to make a big leap forward in your business, you know it’s DAMNED hard.

Sometimes you need a strategy. You try everything. Nothing seems to work. You feel like everyone is completely full of shit. You just want someone to tap you on the shoulder and say, “Here. Do THIS…” and then have it work.…

This Potato Cost $1 Million


Weird shit has been happening in my world lately.

One of the most legendary streets to live on in Orange County is Riviera Drive. It runs along a cliff, with nothing between your house and the beautiful Pacific Ocean.

I’m looking to buy a new house, so I’m always on Zillow.

It turns out that right now, there are two houses for RENT on Riviera. This never happens. They also happen to be right next door to each other. This ALSO never happens.

One is asking for $40,000/month. The other is asking for $150,000/month.

What’s the difference?…