How To Effortlessly Attract Premium Clients


If you’re stuck charging by the hour and KNOW you’re undercharging for your best work, then pay attention…

In this podcast with Peak Marketer, I break down how you can consistently attract only premium clients, all using a few pieces of software and cheap traffic. Continue reading

4 Key Principles To Achieve Success In Any Field You Choose To Enter

“Success leaves clues.” -Tony Robbins

Tony was right. The clues are everywhere, in any business or field you choose to pursue.

You just have to notice them and follow them to your desired destination. And if you want to succeed in business, here are 4 key principles that will get you where you want to be, and make success inevitable—fast. Continue reading

The Evergreen Strategy For Attracting Your Dream Clients


The problem that most people have when they launch their coaching or consulting business is that they work long hours, usually seeing clients one-on-one, for just “okay” money (usually around $100 or so per hour).

To make matters worse, these people are almost always burned out, with no way to escape the hell they’ve created for themselves.

Their income has hit a ceiling, and they don’t know what to do about it. On my podcast with AwakenYourAlpha, I’ll reveal to you how some of my most stuck clients used my proprietary Clients On Demand system to reclaim their life. Continue reading